CS-Cart Library – Newrelic APM & Browser Monitoring

This CS-Cart addon provides Newrelic APM & browser monitor support to admin and storefronts.

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Newrelic is a server, application, infrastructure, and future orchestration platform designed to help understand performance and operational insights. Our Newrelic APM CS-Cart addon provides the necessary backbone to monitor your admin and storefronts health via server side application performance monitor (APM) as well as via client side browser agents. These monitors can be shared or split, based on Newrelic API key, so that you can mix and match different storefronts with different Newrelic accounts. This means you can monitor on a per-domain basis if required.

Newrelic offers a free tier of service with basic APM, Browser, availability, and event monitoring. This tier is great for insights over the last 24 hours which allows admins to understand potential resource shortages, heavy database queries, CPU hogging processes, regional downtime, and more.

Please note, this CS-Cart addon does not install Newrelic onto your server, nor does it install the PHP agent or modify ini’s, nor does it guarantee or provide any necessary configs for handlers such as PHP-FPM, Suphp, or others. Basically, make sure all this is working manually before installing the Newrelic addon for CS-Cart. We may be able to set this up, depending on your server environment. Please contact us at [email protected] to learn about our server/client integrations.

Newrelic – https://newrelic.com/signup

Github – https://github.com/dhaupin/cs-cart-lib_newrelic

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