Web Development & Design

To put it simply, we specialize in custom web development, responsive website design, modern SEO, and high performance web hosting.

From the front end web design and SEO details, to the back end code and server hosting configurations, we have your next web development project covered. We have worked on all sorts of websites throughout the years, including catalogs, portfolios, e-commerce storefronts, communities, simple social networks, and complex API’s.

Here are some things we enjoy working on:

  • Web platforms like WordPress, Drupal, Opencart, CS-Cart, Bigcommerce, Shopify, & more
  • Re-designing, modernizing, & extending current websites
  • Developing new websites & e-commerce stores
  • Designing responsive website support for mobile devices
  • HTML5 + Bootstrap + Javascript template development
  • Automated multi channel marketing integrations
  • Search engine, PPC marketplace, & social integrations
  • Modern, high powered SEO/SEM improvements & optimizations
  • Google Knowledge Graph, Rich Snippets, & other search widgets
  • Custom plugins, extensions, & module development
  • Custom server, hosting, & website performance solutions
  • Providing end to end web solutions for all of the people!

We love developing new website and SEO experiences, especially with popular open source software like WordPress, Drupal, Grav, and others. Using open source software not only allows development costs to be more economical, it’s easier to maintain and generally more secure. Open source software is also easier for the website owner (you) to use.

We also love hosting websites on Linux, using high performance servers. Nowadays visitors deserve and expect to have a speedy, responsive experience when visiting a website. Using our own servers, in USA based data centers, we are able to host, cache, and fine tune a website for maximum efficiency.

We are full stack developers comfortable working in every layer of a website, app, or API. Please let us know if there is anything we can do for you, or your next web development or responsive mobile project.

 [email protected]
+1 (814) 954-0005