Terms & Privacy

Lets be frank about this. We don’t want to hurt you, please don’t hurt us. Let’s build a relationship based on trust and integrity. Our terms & privacy policy is meant to be easy to understand, but that does not mean liberties are to be taken for granted.

Any form of “https://creadev.org” shall be known as “We” or “Our” (non case sensitive) throughout this policy.

#1 – Please be careful using our services and software
We are not responsible for your actions, oversights, misunderstandings, misclick, mistype, misdrag, misdelete, misuse, or mis-anything else that causes a disruption of any platform, service, or data integrity while using our services and/or software. Additionally, we are not responsible for acts of nature/god such as internet/wifi loss, power loss, in-climate weather, utility, service, or any other failure in any possible realm that may cause similar disruption. We are not responsible for you or any relative data loss, ever, period.

#2 – There is no warranty on our software
We do not offer any warranty on our software whatsoever. We guarantee nothing unless otherwise stated. Plain as that. No matter what happens, or how many words you throw at it, there is no warranty.

#3 – You are not allowed to share our commercial software
Just because our commercial software may not include license key activation, does not means its free to share. We state on each product whether or not you are allowed to run multistores — this means multiple domains attached to the same installation base. For example, your cart installation may have a base domain, but you also have other storefronts attached. Using our modules for multiple cart installations goes against the grain of multistore, and we request out of good faith that you purchase additional extensions for each install.

#4 – We are allowed to license and protect any product at any time
There is no multiple installation grandfathering in when new versions of our software arrives that includes licensing. You will have to run an old version until you are prepared to license additional cart installations (or in some rare 3rd party integration cases, each storefront domain).

#5 – We do not offer returns or refunds
Unless there is a serious bug that we can validate, but cannot fix, we do not offer returns or refunds. Please be aware of what you are purchasing before clicking the confirm checkout. Check for compatibility, try any demos we have, and ask any questions to us directly at [email protected] prior to ordering.

#6 – We do not share any personal information about you
Your data is safe. Your session is protected by dual SSL layers. We don’t use your account data for anything except order processing and support correspondence. In the future there may be opt-in alerts for things like new software modules or how-to guides, but you will never be included by default.

#7 – We use Google Analytics with anonymous data
In order to understand how our web applications are performing, and how our users are interacting, we use Google Analytics. We allow Google Analytics to use what is outlined in the following policy: https://support.google.com/analytics/answer/6004245?hl=en. In order to opt-out of this, use your browser opt-out, adblocking, and/or disallow mechanisms.

#8 – We use cookies for your session, cart, login status and related features
Nearly every modern web application uses cookies, and so do we. By using our site, you agree to the use of cookies. To opt-out of cookies, please block use of cookies for our domain using your browser or other tools.

Please be aware, this policy may change at any time. Thank you friends.